Why British Columbia?

Quick.  I say ‘history’ and you think of what?



Does it look something like this:

The Sphinx and pyramid at Giza.  Taken in the winter of 2008.

The Sphinx and pyramid at Giza. Taken in the winter of 2008.

or this:

Cave painting at Lascaux, France.  Photo from www.vezerevalley.info

Cave painting at Lascaux, France. Photo from http://www.vezerevalley.info

what about:

Augustus Caesar.  Image from www.heritage-history.com

Augustus Caesar. Image from http://www.heritage-history.com


Regardless of your answer, it’s most likely that your knee-jerk mental image of history is located somewhere in the continents of Europe, Asia, or Africa and this is completely expected.   Human history began in Africa before spreading to Europe and Asia, giving these regions a significant head start on archaeological sites.  We’re talking 100’s of thousands to millions of years of a head start depending on the area used for comparison and what you consider to be a direct ancestor of modern humans.  Additionally, most of the major civilizations of the ancient world were located in this part of the world and, as a result, they get most of the cool castles.  A case can even be made that these continents have seen a more concentrated amount of modern history. For example, while the the events of WWI and WWII effected (as the name suggests) the entire world, the battles of both these events were fought predominantly in Europe and Asia which leaves most of the physical remains in that area.

However, this doesn’t mean that history in areas such as North and South America or the South Pacific doesn’t exist and it absolutely doesn’t meant that the events of there regions are any less important to the complete picture of world history.


The spread of humans across the globe with rough time frames.  Image from classroom.mapshop.com

The spread of humans across the globe with rough time frames. Image from http://www.classroom.mapshop.com


So, with all that being said; why write a blog focused specifically on British Columbia?  Why not all of Canada or even all of North America?

I have three major reasons for this:

  1. I live in BC and, personally, have a strong interest in sharing information about the area around me
  2. I think that this is an area of the world that has a lot of historical information that doesn’t get as much sharing or discussion as it could
  3. I think trying to cover too many areas and too much information, at least to start, would be overwhelming both for me to keep up with and for people to follow

I am not writing this as a reference for those who are well educated in history or archaeology (although they are more than welcome and I would 100% appreciate any feedback they may have).  The intent of this is, rather, to provide material to those who are simply interested in the topics covered regardless of how much prior knowledge they may have and I will strive to provide a variety in the content in order to please as many people as possible.  My intent is for the content here to be accurate and informative but also interesting, fun, and accessible.  If I get too pretentious with my wording or it gets too much like a school lecture feel free to call me out on it and I’ll throw in some fun trivia or try to incorporate a (relevant) cat video somewhere!


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