So, What Exactly Are You Going to Blog About?

If you’ve stumbled your way over to this little corner of the web, either by accident or intent, first of all hello and welcome, I hope you’ll hang around!  However, as I am still in the process of getting things around here up and running, you might be wondering what type of content is going to be appearing in this space in the future (at least I hope you are!).

As I mentioned in the introductory ‘Why BC‘ post, I am diving into this project full on with the intention of covering a complete range  of topics and ideas all centered around the province of British Columbia and its past.  In this, I will do my absolute best to make sure that there is variety between each post and the ones that come directly before and after in order to keep things as new and interesting as possible.  That being said, I make no guarantees that I wont occasionally get really into a particular topic and post a number of ideas on it in a short period of time.  I hope we can all agree that this will come across as enthusiastic and charming rather than obsessive.

Starting out, the main sections I have plans for include:

  • features on museum exhibits being shown in the province as well as other events which are related to the blog’s topics
  • profiles and information on the various museums in BC
  • coverage of historical sites in the area
  • information on important historical figures, dates, and events
  • comparisons of British Columbia VS the rest of Canada, other areas of North America, and other parts of the world
  • features on the types of artifacts and material culture that are found in this area of the world
  • coverage of various cities, towns, and regional areas

Obviously, these topics may change and grow as things progress; new topics may get added in (feel free to share anything you think might be interesting!) and others may get fazed out.  And, of course, spread throughout will be those posts which are unique and quirky one-offs that don’t fit into any specific category.

I can also promise pretty pictures.  Taken in 2011 on Vancouver Island.

I can also promise pretty pictures. Taken in 2011 on Vancouver Island near Sooke.

For even more historical British Columbia excitement please do check out the @BelowBC twitter feed which is up and running.  If you’re on the fence about this and more incentive is needed I can promise you that there are fun ‘On This Day in BC’ history facts on there!  Super handy for throwing in during those weird silences that tend to come up in awkward small talk situations; unless that’s just me.

Once again thank you for stopping by and I hope that you will check in again!



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