A 15 Minute Trip Around the World via the Internet

Image by anna2662 from www.someecards.com via pintrest.

Image by anna2662 from http://www.someecards.com via pintrest.










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Historical Book Recommendation of the Week:

‘Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman’ by Robert K. Massie

Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman

Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman

This is an absolutely fascinating look at the life of the woman who ended up shaping much of modern Russia, both geographically and historically.  Born a relatively minor German princess, Catherine is well deserving of the title ‘the great’ as she spent much of her adult years striving to bring the relatively remote country of Russia onto the same level as the great countries of Europe.  Endlessly curious she encouraged many of the remarkable artists, thinkers, and leaders of the time to come north and visit her and, even when that failed, she frequently maintained written correspondences with them regarding their ideas.

Fantastically written, Robert Massie doesn’t shy away from describing the less than ideal qualities of this pivotal woman but, rather than making her unlikable, this simply creates a far more human depiction of Catherine then her life, her portraits, and her title typically portray.







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